Previously Awesome

Previously Awesome

A "book" by Philip Wels.


Potentially Awesome

A "new book" by Philip Wels.


About the author

Philip Wels (1987-?) a native of Minnesota, now lives in Minnesota where he spends the majority of his time writing status updates for friends who want to have the appearance of spending their time on Facebook without actually doing so.

Philip is a self proclaimed author who hopes to one day be important enough to have his own wikipedia page where he is described as a podcaster, writer, and entertainer.

While he waits for this to happen, Philip spends his days attempting to not play too many video games and writes insightful and humorous things on his website,

At his "real" job, Philip helps students learn the art of video production at a small private college. His technical expertise ensures that the production equipment is properly maintained and that students do not injure themselves or equipment when things go wrong.