Potentially Awesome

From the writer of a book you've never heard of, comes a brand new book that you probably aren't going to read.

But we really wish you would! Potentially Awesome is a book of short and humorous stories with a loose thread tying them all together. (It's actually called a 'binding' and to be completely correct, it's probably not made out of thread, but glue for the paper-back version of the book. I don't know what Amazon uses to bind their kindle books, but I'm fairly certain it's not glue.) This book deals with the themes of re-invention, though in no great depth.

The goal of this book, first and foremost, is humor. The comical imaginings of someone trying to maintain a positive outlook on life. At a slightly deeper level, the stories are meant to have potential, but not be entirely complete. The book looks ahead optimistically to the future, better times ahead.

If you 'missed out' on the first book, Previously Awesome, you can find out more information about it at www.PreviouslyAwesome.com


This book makes for a fun read, a nice present, and a great addition to any garage sale.

What to expect from Potentially Awesome

A collection of short stories, hopefully humorous, that explore reality through oddly inept characters.


The Embellished Dream Journal of Christopher Johnson

"Chris felt like his world was crumbling apart. He slowly walked around the room, the metal shelves and railings rusting, despite the fact they should have been well preserved indoors."


Computer Trouble Shooting

"If you have any further inquiries as to the state of your Windows 95 machine, I would recommend traveling back in time and trying to find Bill Gates to complain to."


The Fictitious Trip Journal of Aaron Mitchell

"Only one person has dropped their luggage into a canal and they didn’t have any of my clothing in their bag, so it’s all good."


An Unopened Package

A graphic novel about facing fears of the unknown.


Actual Email Exchanges

"After receiving your email I got very excited and immediately went on a $49 shopping spree which lasted the better part of 12 minutes."


Text Messages with Strangers

"My apologies. I’m trying to get in touch with Jeff. We have an important meeting. Can you tell him to call me?"


Read all of those great reviews!

A lot of people who haven't read the book have a lot of great things to say about it. If they think it's this good sight unseen, imagine what they would say if they actually read it!

"I hope you've enjoyed this book, if you actually read it. I know that I probably would have enjoyed it. Or maybe even have had enjoyed it by the time you read this. I also hope that that one really moving part moved you, and that that one funny part made you laugh. Aside from those two parts, I hope the rest of the book wasn't a major inconvenience."

— Luke Wels Brother of the Author

"Previously Awesome was an awesome read back in its day. Potentially Awesome looks full of possibilities--it's looking just as awesome as the first one, if not much more so! Can I have my controller back now?"

— Kyle Roth The Childhood Friend

"Great find! I hope everyone enjoys this great read, I know I would if I had the chance to read it. Oh ya and enjoy the great cover! Happy Reading!"

— Sophia [REDACTED] Friend of a Friend

Some sneak peaks into the book

I don't do this for everyone, but for you, I'll make an exception.

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About the author

Philip Wels (1987-?) a native of Minnesota, now lives in Minnesota where he spends the majority of his time writing status updates for friends who want to have the appearance of spending their time on Facebook without actually doing so.

Philip is a self proclaimed author who hopes to one day be important enough to have his own wikipedia page where he is described as a podcaster, writer, and entertainer.

While he waits for this to happen, Philip spends his days attempting to not play too many video games and writes insightful and humorous things on his website, Apathetic Thursday.